Membership Application/ Renewal

Thank you for your interest in joining the Pathfinder Powerboat Club.

The Membership cost is just £40.00 for the year. Membership entitles you to access the Members Page on the website giving access to some of the discounts we have with local companies. It also gives you the freedom to join as many of the yearly events that are run.

To join the club please complete the form below. You will then be required to make the online payment via PayPal.

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Club Rules


Everybody taking part in any Club activity afloat shall wear a lifejacket at all times unless they are below deck.


The decision to take part, or to continue to take part, in any activity organised by the Club is at all times the sole responsibility of the individual participant.


The person in charge of any boat that is taking part in any Club activity remains at all-time entirely responsible for all decisions concerning the safety of the boat, its crew, and its equipment.


Any boat taking part in any Club activity shall be insured, with a minimum Third Party Liability cover of £2,000,000.00. Evidence of such insurance shall be made available to Club officials upon request.


Any boat taking part in any Club activity afloat shall have a fully functioning VHF radio.


Any person or boat acting against any decision taken by an Event Coordinator and/or a nominated Experienced Helm for the declared purpose of safety during a Club activity will be considered to have left the Club activity.


Boat owning Members are responsible for maintaining their Yacht and Boat Safety Scheme form (CG66) with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), in accordance with the MCA rules. Members may be requested by Club officials to confirm this has been undertaken and provide evidence of the same. Members who change their boat at any time should make this known to both the MCA and Club Member Secretary.


The Club does not condone the consumption of alcohol by anyone who is taking part in any Club activity afloat.


The Committee shall have the power to terminate any membership by simple majority vote should they consider that an individual member has acted against the interests of the Club, provided that the Member concerned has been given reasonable opportunity to explain their actions in person to the Committe.

Thank you for your Membership Application