The club headed down to Bucklers hard on the friday morning where we had booked the mid river pontoon

upon arrival the sun was shining and the beer & wine soon followed

after a catch up on the gossip we dicided to get the Dinghys out and headed off to the pub

On the way back Steve (micks bouy) thought it would be a good idea to start his outboard in gear,his dinghy then shot forward and mounted the other dinghys followed by his life jacket going off everybody roared with laughter  this was just the first of many funny moments over the weekend.

By the time we had got back to the boats we had been joined by another boat (boo) will and the girls had come overfrom poole to join in the fun

soon the disco lighs and music started & the girls turned the bathing platforms into a dance floor


Saterday morning and after a slow start we decied to take the dinghys up the river to find a good spot for a lunch time picnic.

we wont mention who ran out of fuel on the way back( Joe & Jane)


by the evening we had been Jioned by two more boats (crying goose & sumprezi ) as we broke out the Goerge Forman Grills .

this was bue to the marina not allowing BBQs


The beer & wine flowed agian and after we eaten the dancing started again. this time seemed to involve Joe's pole davits this continued into the small hours


Sunday morning arrived and after a cooked breakfast we headed for home  it was a really great weekend !!!!!