8 Boats go to Sea! Bembridge - A Pathfinder Production.



With good weather forecast and a smooth sea, 6 boats head to our meeting point at the St Helens Fort,



the remaining 2 have entered the harbour early to secure one of the exclusive finger pontoons on the far side of Duver marina.

Mylennium, Kamadaze, Two Can, Dilligaf, Whoopee Doo and Salacia join Crying Goose and Madelina in the harbour for what promises to be a fun weekend.

Time for a quick refreshment and then, with assurances from Paul that the dark skies will clear imminently we all inflate the tenders and kayaks, bolt on the outboards, don life jackets and head across to the beach on the other side of the harbour for a bite to eat at the Tollhouse café.  

On arrival the heavens open and give us 15 minutes of torrential rain soaking any of us unable to get to shelter and turning our dinghies in to bath tubs.  

Thankfully, by the time we’ve eaten and returned to our soggy boats the sun has decided to make another brief appearance.

Off we head back to the pontoon with wet bums from the tubes of our soaking vessels. 


Sue and Roger have a fibreglass tender too called ‘Two Can’ with an electric trolling motor (dubbed the egg whisk by Graham) that isn’t quite powerful enough to push it against the outgoing tide past the harbour mouth.  Being a friendly club, Paul is sent back to lend a hand and ends up towing them back to the marina. ‘That’s the fastest this dinghy’s ever gone’ exclaimed Sue!


There was just enough time for a wander, some beer, resting and more beer!

Until we all take the stroll across the sand dunes and along the beach to the Baywatch restaurant for our club evening meal all dressed up to enjoy.

With full tummies and having had a wonderful view of the Solent 

And of course a little dancing!

for a couple of hours we all head back the pontoon, some turning in for the night and the remainder clambering along the raft of boats to have drinks on Kamadaze. 



Tim woos us all with his new blue strip lights

And of course we’re all very impressed for about 5 minutes until Graham unleashes his laser light show on the marina from the stern of Dilligaf!  


At around midnight we all stagger back to our own boats and ABSOLUTELY no one falls between Kamadaze and Salacia, nobody whacks their head and nobody strains their back in the process!!  (Too much wine Sue?).

In the morning, all of the goodbyes are said on the pontoon and we slowly slip our ropes and head homeward bound between 11am and 2pm.

A lovely weekend had by all…